Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why do you need a consultant for your business?

While business people typically have a broad range of skills, with perhaps some specialties; changes within the business, in the broader economic climate, or other unforeseen circumstances, can create a need that can't be met with the existing skills within the business. When that occurs, employing a specialist consultant can provide the skills necessary to deal with the situation as well as an objective viewpoint that can help to effectively focus the team.
What could a consultant do for you?
There are nine main things:
    1.Provide information
    2.Solve problems / issues / challenges
    3.Realise latent opportunities
    4.Diagnose, and redefine problems / issues / challenges &                opportunities
    7.Build consensus and commitment around corrective action
    8.Facilitate client learning
    9.Permanently improve organisational effectiveness.
And the last three, are the mark of the ‘better’ and more effective consultant.
Why does an organisation engage a consultant?
These are the 12 most common needs for consulting help:
    01.Temporary assistance
    02.Objective review
    03.Third-party request for problem / opportunity identification & resolution / realisation
    04.Surviving a crisis
    05.Initiating change
    06.Obtaining funding
    07.Selecting key personnel
    08.In-house education
    09.Conflict resolution
    10.Executive assistance
    11.Government regulatory assistance
    12.Socio-economic and political change.

And of these each needs, can be broken down into six parts:
  • We must have specific skills
  • We require knowledge
  • We demand experience
  • We will set a timeframe
  • It’s necessary for the consultant to have frequently addressed our needs
  • Objectivity is a necessity.
What’s the role of the consultant?
Having defined a need for consulting help, we then consider the consultant’s role in addressing these needs, and there are five:
In practice, the consultant’s project role is typically a combination of #2 (the Expert in the room) plus one of the others.