Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Choosing the right lawyer for your business

There are a number of legal issues that startups have to deal with. Here's some advice on finding the right lawyer to help

Regardless of the nature of your business, industry or sector, when it comes to establishing a startup, you will come across legal issues.

The common issues that startups are likely to have to consider and address from the outset may include:

• Deciding what form the startup will take: will you be a sole trader, for example, or will you choose to establish a limited company which forces you to abide by certain rules but will offer you a greater degree of protection? 
• Deciding the right name for your business and ensuring that no   other businesses offering a similar service have registered with your name

• Registering your company's name art Companies House if you choose the limited company option

• Deciding on the branding of your business and product and ensuring that you are not infringing any other business's intellectual property rights
• Entering into leases when you are ready to move into new premises

• Drawing up or entering into contracts relating to the sale or purchase or distribution of goods

• Drawing up contracts of employment when you are ready to recruit your first members of staff

• Entering into contracts with business providers such as recruiters and accountants

• Seeking advice on the relevant laws that affect your industry or sector

There is a wealth of business law information on the internet specifically designed for startups and depending on your knowledge, experience and contacts, you may not need to instruct a solicitor when it comes to tackling the issues listed above. For example, there are trademark services available online that will register your trademark for you.