Monday, July 8, 2013

Tips how to build relationship with employees

Build good relationship with employee is very important, we know that a good relationship with your employees in the workplace is vital to every organizations success. Therefore, without much introduction, here are important steps and tips on how you can build an effective and fruitful relationship with your workers.

1. Offer a long lasting relationship.

Develop a relationship that is not only for protecting yourself and your own business interest. A relationship that lasts is one that meets the future of your employees. People find a job and work in an organization,hoping that they will have a good living and attain a better life ahead. Hence, ensure that youre not just befriending your employees, but also building their brighter future. Make sure to create a relationship that relates to their long-term goals, such as financial stability, ultimate career success, and personal development.

2. Trust and be trustworthy.

We know that without trustworthiness relationship fails. Therefore, don't hire people that
aren't trustworthy. And when you hire trustworthy people, trust them. Furthermore, don't lead people if you're not also trustworthy. Trusting and being trustworthy should work together. Hence, be sure that they can also trust you. Thus, don't fail your promises.

3. Have due kindness and generosity

Greed is also one thing that destroys any kind of relationship. A good relationship should start by making oneself selfless instead of living it in selfishness. Be kind and generous to your employees in terms of money, attention, and recognition. Don't forget their bonuses, incentives, awards, promotion, and even their birthdays.

4. Be compassionate.
Compassion is one of the most important ingredients of a great relationship. As the word relationship suggests, you must relate to your employees. By being compassionate to them, you are thinking what they think, such as their problems and worries.