Monday, July 8, 2013

4 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace

Helping to improve employee satisfaction is a very important part of managing a company, but why? Won’t throwing parties, taking extra time to acknowledge specific workers, and letting employees take breaks simply decrease productivity and cost more money? Not necessarily.

In fact, according to CNNMoney, happy employees work longer hours (25% more), work harder, and actually end up being more productive than people who are unhappy. They also stay at their jobs twice as long as unhappy workers do. Helping employees stay happy on the job has both short and long-term benefits on multiple levels. In light of this, here’s a look at 4 ways you can make your employees happier.

1 | Don’t Waste Their Time

According to the CDC, having an excessive workload is a source of workplace stress for your employees. A 2011 Gallup poll brings more concern to the fact that 28% of working adults say they just don’t have enough time in the work day to accomplish what needs to be done.

This illustrates just how important it is to equip your employees with the time and tools necessary to get their jobs done efficiently and in a timely manner. So how can you help with this, even on a much smaller scale? If your company has tight deadlines, make sure you value your employees’ time; don’t waste their work hours. Inc. suggests maintaining office organization to spare confusion and also keeping meetings short. One fun way to cut down on meeting times is to have the meeting standing up or right before lunch.

2 | Increase Communication

Good, open communication is vital for a healthy, happy workplace. This is especially important during bad economic times when workers might be worried about having benefits cut or being laid off.