Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Things to Lookout for to Enhance Your Productivity, Improve Your Business

I've seen it happen again and again. You wake up in the morning ready to go. You've already decided, "Today's the day." It might be the day that you're going to clear off your to-do list. Maybe you'll spend the day making sales calls. Or maybe it's the day that you're finally going to tackle the new program that you're creating. Whatever it is... "Today's the day."

Then...the day is over. You've been busy all day. You have not accomplished what you set out to do. You've been here before; unfortunately it's familiar territory. "Oh well," you think, "I guess I'll do it tomorrow."

I have found that there are three key things that land us in "What the heck happened? Where did the time go?" syndrome (okay, there are more than three but these are the biggies). Keep an eye out for them and you'll be much more likely to accomplish your goals.

Mistake #1: Starting your day with email. Plain and simple... Most emails that you receive are someone else's priority. When we start our day with email we put those priorities in front of our own. And It's incredibly easy to get sucked into email and spend hours at it. If you absolutely must check your email at the beginning of the day, decide what you are looking for and what type of emails you will respond to, then set a timer for yourself to limit the amount of time you spend at it before getting to your own priorities.

Mistake #2: Doing one thing first. I think of all the mistakes this is the biggest, and we've all done it. Here's what happens. You have a goal in mind. Let's say you need to make a phone call to follow up with a potential client. 

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