Saturday, June 1, 2013

Restructuring Your Small Business With Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology has fast become the perfect fit for many small businesses. By virtue of computer resources shared over a network, the cloud has opened up the door to more efficient and cost effective ways for the small business owner to effectively manage business processes, cut costs and streamline their business structure. By moving all or part of your key resources into the cloud, more time and money is available to invest in your company’s growth.

The “Green” Aspect of Cloud Computing

With less hardware to buy and fewer applications taking up local resources, many businesses utilizing the cloud produce up to 65% less carbon than comparative businesses using similar data centers in-house. In addition, asset disposal is no longer an issue when equipment would normally end its usefulness. By initiating some simple procedures, even such things as paper waste can be reduced in the cloud.

Business Applications and the Cloud

For the small business owner, the cloud is a pool of computing resources accessed through the internet that you don’t have to set up or support. Running your business applications on these multi-tenant platforms means you could literally limit your in-house network to a few mobile devices. They also minimize the costs of hardware and the subscriptions for your business application are less expensive than purchasing multiple licenses for desktop software.

Even as the selection of online business applications continues to expand rapidly, many of the programs needed by the average small business owner are already available. Accounting applications that manage payables, receivables, billing and payroll are available now in subscription and pay-per-use formats. In today’s mobile-centric business world even budget planning, forecasting, sales management and marketing can all be done in the cloud.