Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Most Dangerous Words in Business

  •     Sometime
  •     Someday
  •     One day
  •     Soon
  •     Thinking about it
  •     Planning to
  •     This week
  •     This month

You may not see anything wrong with these words at first glance, but they are indeed dangerous.

These words have ruined many businesses and destroyed many a career.
How so?

It’s not the words themselves; it’s how they are so often used. More specifically it is what fails to accompany them.

You see, these are words of indecision.

Words of the talker… and not the doer.
Let’s look at a few examples:

“One day I’m going to join a gym.”
All that’s being said here is that you’re thinking about joining a gym. Just the same way that you’re thinking about a trip you want to take. It may happen, it may not.

“I’m planning to start reading books instead of watching TV soon.”
You might think that because you are “planning” to do something you are being productive. The problem with planning is that people say that for everything. It doesn’t really mean anything unless you’re talking about ‘planning’ as a strategic action you are doing right now. And what about “soon”, doesn’t that show urgency. It should, but it often turns out not to.

“I’m going to work on that this month.”
This month is specific, but there’s a problem here. It’s still too vague. When this month? What day this month and at what time?

If you find yourself using these words take action to stop yourself and change from being indecisive and vague to decisive and specific.

When you turn a plan of working on a specific task from sometime this month into working on it on the 15th day of this month a big change occurs…you actually work on it and get stuff done!

The words we use influence our actions and behavior.

Why not choose the language of success?