Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Create a Professional Attitude in the Workplace

Acting professional in the workplace can have long-reaching effects. It can influence the overall office atmosphere as well as position you for a promotion over less professional colleagues. A professional attitude in the workplace can also have a more positive influence on customers; professionalism generally leads to trust and credibility.
  • Start at the top with management. Most employees will look to their immediate supervisors as well as the top management of the company to see what type of behavior is acceptable within the office. Management should always act in a professional manner and display work ethics that they would like to see emulated throughout the office staff.
  • Maintain a sense of formality in the workplace. Greet others with handshakes and address people as “Mr.” or “Mrs.” unless you are directed otherwise. Answer the phone in a professional manner with a greeting, the company name and your name. If you communicate by email, avoid any "text-speak" or emoticons that are common in instant messaging.
  • Dress according to the job. To act professional, it helps to look professional. Your dress should represent the job you would like to have within the organization. Set an example for others by dressing in neat, pressed clothing that fits appropriately and matches the office environment.
  • Establish professional conduct guidelines. Gather employees in a meeting to discuss the guidelines for professionalism that should be included in the document. Once the document has been drafted, have each employee sign it and display it in a prominent location. Ensure that all management figures are setting professional examples by following the outlined guidelines in all aspects of their work.
  • Treat employees, customers and business associates well, regardless of rank or title. Part of a professional attitude is the acknowledgment that all contributions to making the workplace run effectively are important to its success. Let employees witness you treating others with respect on all occasions.
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