Sunday, September 4, 2011

Top 10 excuses used by sales people

Here are, more or less, the Top 10 excuses used by sales people. So if you takeover a new business or are in the process of restructuring or turning around an existing one, make sure you make it clear to all the salespeople on staff that you already have all their future excuses written down. So they better focus on their goals and bring in customer orders.

  1. Our prices are too high.
  2. The competition is cheaper.
  3. We don't have new products.
  4. Customers only care about getting the lowest price.
  5. The economy is bad.
  6. The assistant blocks my calls.
  7. My territory is too big.
  8. My sales targets are unrealistic.
  9. Customers don't care about service.
  10. Asking for referral sounds like I'm begging for business.